13 Things to Know About Your Account and Website

Starting your own website comes with a lot of challenges. Buying a domain name and hosting package is not enough. Knowing some basic things about your Ovation Hall account and your website, in general, can help you achieve your goals in online business.

Let us look at these items:

  1. Your Ovation Hall Account: This is the account you use to log in at the top right corner of the Ovation Hall main website. You create this account when making your first order. It requires your email address and a password to log in.
  2. cPanel Login Details: Your cPanel is where you manage and design your website among other things.
  3. Your SSL Certificate: You can access your SSL certificate in your cPanel. Learn how to force redirect all your traffic to SSL (https).
  4. How to Install WordPress and other Content Management Systems
  5. How to Optimize your Website for Search Engines
  6. How to Submit Your Website to Google and other Major Search Engines
  7. Know How to Use Google Search Console
  8. Know How to Use the Right Keywords for Your Website
  9. Know How to Use Google Analytics or Jetpack
  10. How to Increase Your Website Loading Speed
  11. How to Secure Your Website
  12. How to Use Webmail
  13. Know How to Make Money from Your Website.

We are always ready to assist you to achieve your website dreams. Please open a ticket in your account if you have anything you need us to assist you with.

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